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Alatech Computer Solutions was formed in March of 2012 by owner and founder Daniel Grissett. Since that time, he has built a team whose sole focus is working with small and local businesses in the area to help them achieve the absolute pinnacle of operational excellence. Through our comprehensive range of services, we make sure our clients stay ahead of the game in the ever changing technological landscape.

Our goal is to provide honest, reliable service. We strive to maintain a family of kind, helpful, trustworthy, knowledgeable technicians who are always available to assist with a friendly smile.

We take pride in forging strong bonds with our clients. The core of any business is its team, and we want to know that team. Our technicians get acquainted with your company on a personal level, and become familiar with both your employees and your systems, so that we can take care of your family just as strongly as we take care of our own.

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